Bar Petak

Probably the most popular bar in Sofia

Bar Petak Sofia
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Bar Petak Location

Bar Petak (Bar Friday) is one of the most popular bars in Sofia. 

It has a long history of almost a decade where it was located in a small location. It still managed to make its name quite popular among Sofia's cool people.

Since last year their new location is almost 10x bigger and it has everything you need: 2 floors with 1 bar each and a smoking area outside with its own bar 

Why is Bar Petak so popular?

Let's face it, Sofia needed a bar like Petak since ages. When you go in you will understand. 

You will be among cool people, having fun and dancing to the unusual music spinned by well known local dj's.

The selection of beers is quite big (draught and bottled, craft) and they make good cocktails too. 

There is 2 foosball tables and 1 for 1x1 games (just at the entrance).

Bar Petak is opened until very late, during the weekends it can be long after 6am. Usually the local go to Petak after 2 when the other bars are closing.

Bar Petak has nothing to do with all the other bars in Sofia. It makes you feel like you are in another city. Great athmosphere!



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