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Since 1926, the restaurant “Pod Lipite” (literally meaning “Under the Linden Trees”) has been offering its esteemed customers the pure taste of Bulgarian cuisine. Pod Lipite has been preserving its fairy-tale atmosphere for more than 90 years now, and proudly continues to do so.

The restaurant is a preferred spot for ordinary and popular individuals alike, all of whom true aficionados of traditional Bulgarian dishes.


What makes Pod Lipite truly high-class are the products – livestock, crops, dairy, etc. – that almost exclusively stem from the farm of the restaurant. The farm ensures every single ingredient arrives at the Chef’s table fresh.

The combination of these elite products and their first-rate preparation makes Pod Lipite’s dishes truly tantalising.

We especially recommend the oxtail soup, which slowly simmers for hours – a true testament to one’s palate.

Besides the delectable cuisine, everyone who stops by the place is welcomed with a beaming smile. What’s more to ask?

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