Guided Tour, food and drinks for only 79€

Discover Sofia in just a day. Get familiar with its cuisine, culture and nightlife with our Sofia Discovery Pack for only 79€ per person.
It includes 5 activities carefully selected to fit your needs and show you the most in the shortest possible time. 

1 - Airport Transfer

Your driver will pick you up from Sofia Airport - Terminal 1 or 2 with a private transfer. Different car options are available: car, minibus up to 7 people, minibus for more than 8 people.

The driver will drop you at your hotel or at any other destination within Sofia. 

If you need a transfer while you are staying in Sofia please contact us to arrange it. 

2 - Guided Tour

Discover Sofia by foot in 2 hours with a guided tour. You will see most of Sofia's heritage located in the city centre. 

As the tour is really short in time you will have no time to enter in the almost 30 places that you will see. You could do that during our 3rd activity dedicated to a museum. 

3 - Museum

You can choose to enter a museum in Sofia between 5 of them:

You can replace the Museum entrance by another place that you enjoyed during the guided tour.

4 - Bulgarian Dinner

A specially selected typical Bulgarian menu in a very traditional restaurant with live music. 

Get a taste of the Bulgarian cuisine and local drinks. Trying a glass of Rakia (bulgarian spirit) is highly recommended. We even say mandatory.

Full menu includes starters, main course, dessert, drinks. 

5 - Night Out

A guide will pick you up and show you around the coolest bars in Sofia. 

During 4 hours you will experience Sofia's nightlife as a local far away from the mistaken recommendations by TripAdvisor.

2 drinks per person are included.

In case you miss any information or just want to give us feedback, please feel free to contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we have a return airport transfer?

Our Sofia Discovery Pack offers a one way airport transfer. In case you want a return transfer a fee of 10€ per person is applied.

When can we book the Sofia Discovery Pack?

This pack is available everyday of the year. On special occasions a small fee can be applied (New Year, Christmas).

What language is the guided tour?

The guided tour is in English. If your group is bigger than 6 people, we can arrange a guided tour in your preferred language.

I don't want one of the activities of the Pack, can I replace it?

The Sofia Discovery Pack offers 5 activities specially selected for people that want to discover Sofia in the fastest possible way. You can remove one of them but you can't replace it with another one. For more activities please check our list.

Should I use cash money or credit cards for this Pack?

As everything is prepaid you don't need to worry about any payments.

How is handled the payment of the Pack?

After we confirm the reservation we will send you the invoice with all our details. We expect the payment to be done at least 10 days before enjoying your Sofia Discovery Pack. If not, we will assume that the booking is cancelled.

Can we have the Pack over 2 days?

The Sofia Discovery Pack is tailored to fit in a single day. There is absolutely no impediment to have it over 2 days.

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